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Do you have an enthsiastic and pro-active work ethic? Do you enjoy challenging yourself in a dirverse working environment? If so, then you are the perfect candidate to join de Dan On Foods team ! Dan On Foods is continuously growing and always looking for great people. See our current job opportunities or send us your resume to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Time of recruitment from 01/9/2018 to 1/10/2018.




  Job Description for National Sales Director :


  • Define sales and marketing strategy for domestic sales across Vietnam.
  • Propose and present action plans, guidelines for the whole team on how to achieve the targets.
  • Market and competitive analysis to define the company’s selection market, customer segment, consumers segment for product delivery and services.
  • Prepare the master plan for marketing activities in line with sales target and market approaches. It ensures that the marketing can generate the value in either financial or non-financial outcomes.
  • Explore and negotiate to create new markets (locations), new customers and new channels.
  • Business plan and annual budget preparation and presentation.
  • Experience and explore new SKUs in line with market demand, customer and consumer consumption tendency. Propose to form new products for different choices and services.
  • Build up in house training and on the job training for sales, merchandising and Marketing team
  • Define and prepare sales policies to guideline for overall sales operations including AR policies, promotions, distributions, and selling prices for different sales channels.
  • Lead and explore the e-commerce to form a new distribution channel in improving the sales performance and brand awareness of Dan On Foods or Dan-D-Pak in general (Deploy the project with IT).
  • Negotiate with current customers about sales and display, pricing structure, payment methods and marketing activities to achieve sales target.
  • Co-ordinate with Dan On Foundation to deploy sales and marketing activities to utilize sales performance or brand awareness, top of mind, product recognition.
  • Co-ordinate with purchasing to import essential foods and products from abroad to trade in Vietnam market.
  • Lead and settle on behalf of the company any customer’s complaint, product returns, quality issues and other matters within the responsibilities.
  • Follow up annual budget and input intensively energy in achieving set objectives and targets.
  • Other assigned duties within scope of works or appropriate for improvement and changes.


 Job Requirements:

        1. Attitude :


  • Integrity; meticulous; committed to results; straight-forward.
  • Impersonal; impartial, unbiased.
  • Entrepreneurship.


      2. Accomplishments :


  • At least 07 to 10 years in similar positions in well-established environments.
  • Highly professional management particularly in sales and marketing.
  • Preferable if experienced in manufacturing environments.


      3. Specific Skills :


  • Leadership.
  • Negotiation and dispute settlement.
  • Management and control skills.
  • High-level analysis skills including excel worksheet analysis.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Ability to identify opportunities/potentialities, converting possibilities into results.


      4. Knowledge :


  • Knowledge in business administration, especially in sales and marketing.
  • Bachelor degree, major in economics or related fields.
  • Preferable if holding MBA, highly qualified and trained from professional organization.


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