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Our Commitment

Dan On Foods Corporation commits to carry out the production and sales of "Fine Foods of the Earth" in a cost effective, planned and systematic manner to reach the level of quality the customers desire, while meeting international government regulations.

In order to achieve our objectives, the company has established and implemented a Quality Management System as set out by HACCP, BRC, KOSHER, SA80000 certification systems.

The management also ensures that our Quality Objectives are reviewed on a regular base for continuous improvement. Our staff is responsible for the implementation of the procedures to endeavor and uphold our slogan "Fine Foods of the Earth".

Social Accountability Policy

A good working environment will develop the relationship between the company and our employees,creating a comfortable and inclusive environment that employees want to work in and actively contribute to the development of the company. This development will again contribute to improve the material and spiritual life of employees, in an ongoing cycle.

The General Director officially announces Company’s social accountability policy:

  1. To comply with international instruments and standards, national laws, relevant laws, and other requirements that the Company subscribes.
  2. No use or support the use of child and young labor.
  3. To respect employees
  4. No participation in or support the use of forced labor
  5. No discrimination in any form
  6. To provide a friendly, safe and healthy working environment for all employees of the Company and partners (employees of partners) to work at the company's premises.
  7. To ensure freedom of association and collective bargaining
  8. To compensate all employees in accordance with statutory requirements.
  9. To comply with appropriate requirements, collective bargaining agreements, and industry standards on working hours.

To implement this policy, the General Director commits:

  1. This policy must be communicated and understood by all employees in the company; and is also shared with customers, and vendors.
  2. Provide appropriate resources to implement the above policy.
  3. Monitor and supervise the implementation and implementation of published policies.

(*) SA 8000 Certificates are granted for Dan On Foods Corporation and Dan On Foods Corporation - MP3 Branch.