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Farm to Table

“Farm to table” is a concept that brings safe and fresh food directly from the farmers (farm) to the consumers (table) under strict management. Our nut and seed products come from Vietnamese farmers in the lands where nature has endowed them with many essences and resources to help agriculture thrive. Moreover, the investment in the system of machines and people will further increase the value and quality of the finished product. Because ultimately, it's our responsibility to keep our community happy, healthy and safe.

Where are
our bananas from?

The green color of the banana tree is like spreading a corner of the sky in the western land of Vietnam, amongst the groves in Long An province It is also one of the locations where banana products are sourced for Dan On Foods.

The farmers here always contribute to pushing the output and quality of Vietnamese bananas to a new heights. With a completely natural and meticulous cultivation process, Long An has long been the largest source for the company's raw bananas. We trust the people here and their products.

How are banana chips made?

Bananas are imported from 3 main sources, namely Long An, Dong Nai and Phu Giao
with a volume of 12 tons per week and about 951 tons per year.

Products are purchased from reputable partners and have been pre-peeled, ready for slicing and roasting in our factory in Binh Duong.

Bananas are fried and seasoned in a modern, sterile environment. We conduct the processing of raw materials in the most optimal way to avoid damage and decrease in quality of the final products.

Finished products will be packed immediately and sent directly to warehouses or sent to fulfill our partners' orders.

Delivery to our

Our banana chips are a new original Vietnamese product that we’d like to promote to the rest of the world.

In order to realize that goal, we have exported it to many countries such as Canada, USA, South Korea, China, Japan, and the Philippines.

Being relatively cheap to source and process, we have also passed those savings directly to our consumers as a low-cost and healthy snacking alternative to the sugary sweets often being offered on store shelves. Nowadays you can be sure to find bags of Dan-D-Pak banana chips next to our signature cashews on store shelves in locations such as Aeon Mall, Wal-Mart, Big C, Family Mart, and more.

How to enjoy Banana chips!

Dried bananas are one of the snack types that are loved by many people,
especially women because the main ingredient is bananas; it is very good for women's health and beauty.

Incorporate it into your meals

Bananas can be prepared in many ways to make a variety of dishes less boring, but dried bananas are always the top choice in the list of snacks, even topping the list of homemade dishes for many people.

Enjoy it while watching movies

Just like popcorn, candy, and snacks, banana chips are also a perfect choice to munch on throughout a movie. Moreover, if you are a person with a poor digestive system, often have diarrhea or vomiting, or feel a full stomach when consuming snack products. Use banana chips immediately because the amount of fiber inside it is very rich, it will solve urgent problems related to the digestive system.

Enjoy it after an intense gym session

In addition to the nutritional content in bananas, when you exercise a lot or exercise in the wrong posture, you often experience muscle contractions. The potassium content in bananas will also improve this for you. Moreover, in our banana chips, there are a variety of nutrients that can be mentioned such as: glucose, sucrose, and fructose, suitable for when the body needs to replenish energy immediately when you work hard and the body is weak.

How are cashews grown?

We source from the "Cashew Capital" of Vietnam - Binh Phuoc

This place is considered the world's number 1 cashew processing center. Binh Phuoc is also the only locality in Vietnam recognized for geographical indication protection for cashew trees. People in the cashew business have a saying “When talking about cashews, think about Vietnam. When talking about Vietnamese cashews, think of Binh Phuoc immediately!".

Cashew trees in Binh Phuoc are grown on fertile basalt red soil, all of the cashew areas in Binh Phuoc are grown naturally, the tree itself absorbs the rich nutrients in the soil to develop fragrant and delicious cashew nuts.

"Binh Phuoc cashew is rated as the best quality in the world."

The goal of Dan On Foods is to bring the highest quality products to our consumers. Not only do we want to bring Vietnamese cashew nuts to the world, but also to promote healthy lifestyles to our consumers.

How is it processed?

For cashews to have the best quality, farmers must collect when the cashew fruit have fallen. After harvesting, raw cashew nuts will be separated from the fruit and brought to dry in the sun. We have a team that spends the entire harvest season in Binh Phouc to check the quality of the product.

After sun-dried, we transport it about 2 hours to our specialized processing plant in An Dien. Then raw cashews will go through a process of removing the hard shell, then removing the skin, and ending up with bright white cashew kernels ready for preliminary processing.

Cashew quality is defined by the following factors such as: variety type, care method, and especially soil and climate. After having been carefully sorted for only cashew kernels with bright white color and conforming to standard size. It is processed in our My Phuoc 3 facility in Vietnam, close to the source of cashews.

We will roast the nuts either by dry roasting or roasting in canola oil imported from Canada. After which we will conduct seasoning based on the needs and understanding of consumers' preferences, the wide variety of cashew nut flavors will surely satisfy the different palates of our consumers.

Delivery to our

Dan On Foods produces more than 10,000 tons of cashew nuts a year.

With such a large quantity, we always want our top-quality products to be able to reach consumers in the most efficient way.

With the goal of providing quality products to customers globally, we supply our products throughout Asia to major supermarkets such as (AEON, Metro, RT-Mart, etc.) and North America. (Walmart, London Drugs, Loblaws, etc.) we are the first company in Vietnam to export and promote domestic cashew nuts to North American and Chinese markets. Not only bringing economic benefits to the countries but also bringing healthy options to consumers around the world.

The best way to use!

With the aim of bringing ease of use, we design compact and portable packaging so that consumers can take it anywhere.

Incorporate it into your meals

It can be a snack for a quick energy boost or incorporated into daily meals for
healthy alternatives to meat

Enjoy cashews multiple ways

Normally, cashews that are sold in the market have been separated from the shell and are preliminarily processed. People can eat it right away or process it into many different dishes such as cakes, tea, making nut milk, putting in salad, or eat it with yogurt. Seeds provide the highest nutritional value.

With a staggering variety of different flavored cashew nuts, which can meet many different tastes of different consumers, Dan On Foods always puts the consumer's experience first, so the products delivered are always the best.