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Dan On Foods'
Zero-waste Policy

Dan On Foods always carry with it the social responsibility that aims to be a sustainable manufacturing business. Environmental policies have long been set and announced by our chairman, Mr. Dan On.

Being well aware of climate change and feeling the responsibility as a large corporation, Dan On Foods has policies to protect the environment and reuse raw materials.

Going zero waste and implementing eco-friendly initiatives have created numerous jobs and helped save the company a lot of money.

Saving And Optimizing Resources

For the finished products, from processing to handling, the company always has a way to optimize and not waste them.

  • Natural sources of phenols

    Cashew shell oil extracted from raw cashew nut shells is used in the petrochemical industry as one of the available natural sources of phenols (Phenol is a raw material used in the preparation of medicines, pesticides, paints, resins, turpentines, and termite treatments for wood).

  • Industrial oil

    For cashews, the finished products that are left over during the production process such as the hard outer shells will be separated and pressed to be extracted into industrial oil.

  • Fuel for a wide variety of purposes

    After the oil are extracted, the husks of the shell are used as fuel for a wide variety of purposes as the oil residue and dry husks are ideal for kindling.

  • Livestock fodder

    After blanching the nuts and extracting the white cashew kernels, we are left with the cashew nut skin, which many other processing plants simply toss into the trash. We recognize the uses for such by-products and collected them to be used as livestock fodder, especially for raising chickens.

  • Candies, clusters, or granola

    During processing, cashews can become broken, making it unsuitable for our high quality standard products. However, broken nuts are manufactured into sweets such as candies, clusters, or granola. In powder form, it can be used in a mixture of cake flour and butter, enhancing the flavor of any dish.

Energy Saving, Fundamental Steps On The Sustainable Development Road

At the newest factory of Dan On Foods in My Phuoc 3, Binh Duong Province, the company has built an environmentally friendly factory.

With 30% of the total energy used to run the plant and manufacturing operations coming from solar panels. It is expected to increase to 60% with the construction of the fourth factory, and the goal of reaching 100% renewable energy production and consumption, making us truly carbon neutral.

Waste Disposal At Factory

Vietnam is one of the five countries most affected by climate change. Annual GDP loss is about 1.5% due to natural disasters and also due to the impact of climate change.

According to the worst case scenario, by the end of this century, ie the year 2100, our planet's average temperature will increase by 2-3 degrees Celsius and sea level may be about 1m higher than in the period 1980 to 1999. Being well aware of this, wastewater sources are always treated by the company properly, ensuring we are not releasing contaminated waste water into the environment. Dan On Foods complies with the provisions of Vietnamese law in terms of environmental protection and is always optimized in the waste-treatment process.