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Dan D Pak and the Dan On Foundation has been doing charity and philanthropic work for over 20 years in Vietnam. Every year we quietly seek out those in need of assistance and offer a helping hand. This year was no different.

Before the lockdown and mandatory “Work & Live In Place” policy from the government, our company had already rolled out plans to ensure continuous production and export from Vietnam and to provide our employees with a sanctuary to hide from Covid. In this endeavor, we planned out sleeping quarters, food, medicine, and allowed time for our employees to settle personal matters before the lockdown. Once we closed the gates, our Board of Directors and managers also stayed in the company to encourage and provide morale support to all our employees. We ate together, slept together, worked together, and made it through the difficult time stronger as a family. Once the vaccines rolled out, we quickly secured enough vaccines for all our employees so they can be ready to return to their normal lives.

During the lockdown we still think of all the doctors, nurses, police officers, and soldiers working hard every day to keep people safe and keep the peace. To show our support and admiration, we have donated in excess of 1.1 billion VND of our products as well as purchasing rice for various First-Aid Stations, Security Checkpoints, Government Agencies, Police Stations, Hospitals and Clinics, and to soldiers stationed around Binh Duong.

Due to our direct initiatives, over 400 employees were given peace of mind during turbulent and uncertain times. While people struggled to make ends meet during the lockdown with no income, our employees enjoyed freshly cooked meals, safe and clean living and sleeping quarters, swimming pool access, gym access, fun activities, and steady paychecks without paying for food or rent. We recognized and rewarded those who stayed with us, ensuring they have more than enough money for the New Year. Through our generous donations, we have also boosted the morale and energy of all essential workers from doctors and nurses to police officers and government officials. After many long hours taking care of patients and citizens, a nurse or police officer can enjoy some of our nutritious nuts and take comfort in the knowledge that people appreciate their efforts and support them wholeheartedly.

For our efforts, we were recognized by the American Chamber of Commerce and US Consulate for our outstanding work.

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