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26 Jan, 2022

Fit, Fun, Fast. That’s how some of our employees like to describe themselves.

Through this difficult year, many people struggled with the lockdown and months upon months of being shut indoors. Annual activities and gathering became much harder to coordinate, as a result many programs had to be cut or delayed. The Terry Fox Run, organized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, was the annual marathon program our company participated in. However, due to the pandemic they had to cancel the event. Taking experience from the Terry Fox Run and striking out on our own, we decided to host our own marathon for the second time in a row.

In order to avoid contamination and spreading of the virus, we only include our own employees and their families this year, all of whom had been previously vaccinated and tested. Instead of running out in the streets, we kept in enclosed within our own company parameters to a self-contained event. Luckily, the circuit between our MP3 Phase I and Phase II is approximately one kilometer, and we ran a total of 5 laps, or 5 kilometers. Overall, it was a successful and fun event for our employees and their families and we are very proud of being able to host a marathon event despite these difficult circumstances.

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