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The Dan On Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Mr. Dan On. On a business trip to Vietnam in 1992, he witnessed many children soliciting in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City.

Moved by their plight and determined to alleviate their hardship, he decided to aid the Deaf & Mute Schools as well as funded the to teach them the skills and language needed to escape the vicious poverty cycle. The program has been successfully run by several schools and over 30 nuns. For this humanitarian project, Dan On Foods provide the funding to the Dan On Foundation with the help of donations from
our business associates.

We’ve been able to raise funos for the continuous support of disenfranchised children and disabled adults. In this and future endeavors, we would like to ask for your support and join hands to help build a brighter future for those on the brink of hopelessness.

Donation Activities In Sapa - Dan On Foundation

It was an unexpected intention because the company’s beginning to Sapa was just for the purpose of rest and relaxation. However, many factors happened and the company turned the trip into a huge humanitarian project aimed at improving the education and quality of life for the children living there.

The project in this Sapa trip will include a visit to a local school. This school in such a remote area will often receive little support and lack in many ways. Most of the students come from disadvantaged families, and they do not have any modern educational tools such as computers and laptops.

Towards the Central Region with Dan On Foundation

Heavy rains in a short time caused floodwater in many central provinces to rise very quickly, many areas were divided. A lot of damage has been recorded. Floodwaters washed away crops and property and left many dead and missing. Cases of people taking advantage of natural disasters and epidemics are not uncommon, but most of the benefactors acted responsibly and worked to resolve issues promptly.

It makes more sense when benefactors seek to support the elderly, the poor, and the lonely because of their limited means or skills, such as not having a smartphone, not having the Internet, or not knowing how to find information.

Social Responsibilities

Besides production and business activities, giving back to society and community is also one of the core pillar of our mission.

This comes from the direction and aspirations of our Chairman, Mr. Dan On. He went through hardships and worked hard to achieve the success he enjoys today. There were people who helped him and the lessons he learned has helped him better understand how the world works. Understanding this problem, he spends a part of the company’s business budget to support and share with struggling communities.