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Towards the Central Region with Dan On Foundation

Heavy rains in a short time caused floodwater in many central provinces to rise very quickly, many areas were divided. A lot of damage has been recorded. Floodwaters washed away crops and property and left many dead and missing. Cases of people taking advantage of natural disasters and epidemics are not uncommon, but most of the benefactors acted responsibly and worked to resolve issues promptly.

It makes more sense when benefactors seek to support the elderly, the poor, and the lonely because of their limited means or skills, such as not having a smartphone, not having the Internet, or not knowing how to find information.

After the end of Dan On Foundation’s annual charity activities, we were busy with year-end work and preparing to welcome the Lunar New Year. On the last day of January 2021, we returned to the Central region for the second time to continue the previous trip in December 2020. The situation of the Covid-19 pandemic was quite complicated but our team was determined to start without hesitation.

After more than two hours of traveling by road to Quang Ngai province, the trucks arrived early in the morning. We prepared the company’s nut products along with other foods such as cooking oil, rice, and milk in the hope of sharing with less fortunate families warm meals at the end of the year. Along with the food donation, a companion in the industry, Duy Tan Plastic Joint Stock Company, also provides drinking cups, plastic tables, and chairs for families to gather to eat, and for children to sit and study after study. swept away, disappeared. furniture in their home.

Every gift given to each family is a comforting comfort and hope for a better tomorrow

Many people came and waited for us since early morning when we arrived. Once completed, we shared food, goods, and supplies with a total of 3 communes in the Nghia Hanh district according to the first day’s schedule. Finish the stage to complete the preparations for the next day. When the bus took us back to town, dusk fell like a curtain and it started to rain.

Climbing through the hilly roads, the second time we arrived at the communes scattered in the highlands of the Son Ha district as scheduled. However, it is not possible to change the difficult life of this place overnight. Every gift given to each family is a comforting comfort and hope for a better tomorrow.

At the end of the trip, the delegation thanked the local brothers and sisters for joining hands during the trip, overcoming many difficulties and fatigue to complete the set plan. On the way back, I couldn’t stop thinking when will I come back to this place? How can we help bring about sustainable living to struggling families and disadvantaged children? How can we help children go to school? They will happily choose the learning path so that in the future, they will join hands to improve the village, overcome difficulties, and build a happy life!

During 2020/2021, we reached out to flood-affected people in central Vietnam and worked to provide relief to more than 3,000 families. With these efforts and future efforts, we look forward to your support and joining hands to contribute to building a brighter future for those who are on the verge of hopelessness.