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31 Jan, 2019

Peas abundant nutrients, providing at least 8 essential vitamins and 7 minerals, also rich in fiber and protein. If you eat daily will maintain significantly reduce fat and increase the body’s immune system.

According to the website The World’s Healthiest Foods (These healthy foods in the world), the peas are included in this list, because it not only provides the necessary nutrients for the body, it is also rich sources of vitamin K1 – a nutrient important for maintaining bone.

This vitamin functions activate osteocalcin – a major protein in bone. When the body lacks vitamin K formation of clotting factors in the liver and is synthesized by intestinal bacteria, vitamin K1 should also help to reduce bleeding in a few cases such as liver disease, bleeding in the brain – the membrane brain (due to lack of vitamin K), suffering from disease or poorly absorbed antibiotics for a long time (killing intestinal bacteria). Children and adults should always be used to help build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis.


This nutrient helps reduce the formation of a byproduct of the process of metabolism called homocysteine amino acid- a molecule blocking malicious link elasticity – the result is to make weak bone structure and cause osteoporosis. Moreover, through the ability to destroy the blood vessels, also increases homocysteine amino acid status atherosclerosis, threatening human lives.

So peas are considered a food of the important functions of the cardiovascular system. Pregnant women, postpartum and menopause often lack folic acid, each person should eat folic acid 400mcg supplement / day.

Also, peas are also plentiful supply of vitamins and other nutrients: vitamin C, B1, B6, B2, B3, iron, essential for carbohydrate metabolism, protein, lipid and essential for the formation of blood cells to increase immunity.

Dried or fresh peas are very tasty food, easy to digest and help make the intestinal transport is easy. How simple cooking can be cooked with meat broth or stir-fried beef, onion, green pepper would be very tasty, plus you can also eat soup with bread or porridge ribs.

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