Dan On Foods 2020 Marathon


A light misty rain dampens the road and cools the skin. A runner tenses in anticipation, the first place prize on his mind, and suddenly the sharp sound of the whistle pierces his concentration. He sprints into action.

Every year Dan On Foods has collaborated with other agencies in joining their marathon in order to enhance unit cohesion and strengthen teamwork. From the experience we gained, we decided to host our first ever Dan On Foods Marathon!

Organized entirely in-house, we gathered all our employees from all three factories and invited our neighbors in nearby factories to join us, totaling in over 500 participants altogether. Breakfast was prepared by our professional kitchen staff, first aid stations were set up by our nurses, and games and prizes were created by our marathon committee. Despite the light sprinkle, spirits were high and everyone had a great time. We hope this to be the first of our annual marathon, hosted locally by us and joined by others in the future.

Written by: Lam Le


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