Milestone - Dan On Foundation


Mr. On Dan Khuong, Founder of DAN ON FOUNDATION

From an alone and cold refugee to the Great hearted and business successful icon

     The story came from 1979 when a Chinese living in Vietnam to struggle for a better future where people almost thought there was no sunshine at the end of tunnel overwhelming that circumstance. Leaving Vietnam on 16-foot wooden boat, attacking by pirates in the South China Sea, rescuing by a passing German freighter and depositing into a Malaysia Camp and being brought to Canada by the Hope Lutheran Church months later, On later was adapted by a good hearted, warm and poor couple in countryside of British Columbia, Canada. Ignoring any chance to go to the school, a migrating and young man started to work soon after arriving Canada as a staff in a restaurant kitchen.
     On has overcome a hard work, memorial time with deep and respectful thankfulness to involved people, who have grown, supported, encouraged and lighted a flame for him to a great successful story today. “Honor the tree that gives you shelter” an English proverb or Vietnamese equivalent to “if you eat the fruit, remember the one who grows the tree”, is a correlation of cause and effect. On always keeps in mind with past experience nurturing and forming his passion to become the top leader of food processing company in cashew and nut industry. The story with a flourish approach is On has firmed many entities around the globe to execute gradually his vision including Canada, America, Vietnam and branches in several Asian countries. 
     On recognized how important of sharing, helping and encouraging poor, difficult with passionate and energy people; Giving fishing rod is more crucial than providing daily food because it can assist and sustain poor, disable and low income families to overcome current tough and attain the long-term and better living standards. On and his group have commenced alternatively charitable programs for more than 20 years ago in Canada and almost 15 years in Vietnam especially in educational programs and assistances for disable and poor children. Dan-D Foods group and On have spent nearly US$200,000 for charitable activities typically for:

  • • Scholarship programs in Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City and abroad,
  • • Blind and deaf people in Lai Thieu, Binh Duong,
  • • Sponsorship to ethnic schools in Lai Thieu, Binh Duong,
  • • Building house for poor people, and 
  • • Other community activities in Canada through its partnership with Variety-The Children’s Charity; Little Mountain Neighborhood House Society, Chimo Community Services,

     Although a plenty of charitable works have executed and given away on annual basis. However, On always wonders to find the best answers for this social responsibilities? Above social sponsorships are enough for what are called social funding? How large and dimension of the scopes of sponsor? Is it possible to upgrade or increase the scales and locations for this fund? Why we cannot manage and deploy an independent and owned social organization under the flag of Dan- D Foods so that we can extend our arms and responsibilities over multi and diversified people and nationalities and our activities reaching beyond Vietnam and Canada nations to other parts of the world and Asian region where the high proportion of condensed and poor people living and struggling for daily survival?
     Why Dan On Foundation is established now? It is actually ripe season and time for On and Dan-D Foods to start its own foundation because of the economic conditions, awareness of people over charitable works, regulations and especially the willingness and matured business in Vietnam, where On, founder and key managers recognize enough and full milestone to head up the owned operational foundation without or minimum impacts to the main business. 
     Our own foundation could encourage On and his participants to expand, widen, flourish charitable activities by their own contribution, reputation and trade marks in mobilizing diversified sources of contributions for the foundation not only in Vietnam but also in many developed countries, where Dan-D Foods operates and has got the relationship with On. Those combinations with solid and clear commitment from founder, On, Hoa and Dan On foods result of the establishment “DAN ON FOUNDATION” or D-Foundation
     D-Foundation is a non-profit organization. The fund embraces and supports to cultural development, education, science, humanity, charity, and other community services with non-profit driven. Key scopes of work including:

  1. 1. Provide financial assistances for poor, good educated and outstanding students.
  2. 2. Sponsor or co-sponsor for oversea studies in which students commit to return after graduation for public and community services.
  3. 3. Provide teachers and students with tools and means of teaching and education particularly in remoted, highland and tribal people.
  4. 4. Provide assistances, means of living for disable people and children; support people in drought, flood and mother nature disaster areas to overcome their rigorous lives.
  5. 5. Nurture and assist lonely children; divorced family children; elderly, old and disable people without their family care and assistance.
  6. 6. Give a hand to farmers in improving their cultivation, productivities and other improvement programs conducted by government and professional agencies.
  7. 7. Other charitable programs conducted by official and legalized group, team and organizations.

     Likely “blood always flows thorough the body”, Dan On Foundation is established and operated continuously with solid, harmony and forever passion of the founder and associates who establish and nurture it for the ultimate purpose of social and community benefits.