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19 Apr, 2019

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  Job Description for HR Director :

  • The position manages mainly the functions of C&B, Administration, Public Relationship and Training & Development. The role leads for success key objectives and business outlines defined from the Group, but not limit upon the revision from Group direction and CEO from time to time. The position advises CEO Vietnam and Group CEO in improvement, chance and renovation of all operational activities, employee reward and punishment management, Organizational behavior and change, career map and training, when necessary and needed. The role can be extended in line with personal performance, business structure and expansion.

    Duties and Responsibilities:                               

    • 1. In charge of compensation and benefit for the whole Vietnam Entity including Dan On, An Dien, My Phuoc 3, Branches and other affiliates and subordinates in Vietnam.
    • 2. Propose corporate structure, job titles and job rates within the responsibility and assigned boundaries
    • 3. Salary structure, key performance objectives and key performance indicators for divisions, departments and individuals as the benchmark for C&B policies
    • 4. Build up codes of business conducts (COBC) upon the company strategies and visions to instruct and guideline most of company’s operations, employee behaviors and practices.
    • 5. C&B budget preparation and adjustment
    • 6. Build up in house training and development plan, execution and development including career maps for key individuals, employee retention plan, on the job training
    • 7. Manpower fulfillment and recruitment
    • 8. Build up employee orientation program and development of this program upon the company’s change and expansion.
    • 9. Build up the frame works for other employee services including: meal, healthcare, transportation, other legal training
    • 10. Handle other social and charitable activities assigned by the company including scholarship programs, disable people assistance, poor and unlucky families, …
    • 11. Act and does on behalf of the company for different charitable or social campaigns in program presentation, fund collection and arrangement
    • 12. In charge of public relationship from or to the company and take appropriate actions on behalf of and in line with the company’s charter or codes.
    • 13. Lead and settle on behalf of the company any employee’s dispute, in justice complaint, racism, and other related issues
    • 14. Work and coordinate with Union in managing union fund, employee awards and punishment. Arrange other activities to enhance and improve employee satisfactions. Lead the micro financial program to support for poor, lonely or elderly workers who are working with the company or resignation
    • 15. Assist to recruit manpower from other abroad regions including Canada, US, Hong Kong.
    • 16. Coordinate with managing directors in other regions in building, execution and development multiple HR programs and policies

    Qualifications and Requirements:

    • – Integrity; meticulous; committed to results; straight-forward;
    • – Impersonal; impartial, unbiased.
    • – Entrepreneurship
    • – Negotiation and dispute settlement
    • – At least 05 years in similar positions in well-established environments.
    • – Highly professional management and control.
    • – Preferable if experienced in manufacturing environments particularly in holdings companies and multi-site businesses
    • – Management and control skills
    • – High-level analysis skills including excel worksheet analysis
    • – Presentation skills
    • – Ability to identify opportunities/potentialities, converting possibilities into results.
    • – Knowledge in business administration, especially in corporate governance
    • – Bachelor degree, major in Human Resource Management.
    • – Preferable if holding MBA, Highly trained certificate in HR .

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