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27 May, 2022

Over the past 13 years, Mother’s Love Shelter II (333 Hung Phuoc Hamlet, Hung Dinh Commune, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province) has taken care of hundreds of orphans. In addition to taking care of the children’s meals and a quarter, the nuns also pay attention to developing life skills, teaching kindness, and sending them to school to have a bright future.

With the mission and desire to bring a better life to all children, Mother’s Love Shelter II, where 73 orphans from unknown families are raised from several days old to 17 years old, has been accepting all those who are in need. Although limited in space and funding, Mother’s Love Shelter II has never once refused those who need help.

There are children who were abandoned in front of the church, the hospital gate, by the roadside or the families who are too poor to have the conditions means to take care of their children. Their tiny and crowded orphanage rings with the laughter of children, for even though they lack many amenities, they are never lacking in love. There, they also shelter girls who were abused, had to become mothers from the age of 15 who and did not dare to return home, they were cared for by the nuns in the last months of their pregnancy, and then gave birth to healthy children, upon which they can choose to go on their own way or stay and have the nuns help raise their children.

Dan On Foods donated more than 100,000,000 VND to Mother’s Love 2 during Tet and with many other activities, gifts and support. With the hope that through this, we can help to foster the spirit of devotion, as exemplified by the nuns who have dedicated their entire lives to help others.  Most of all, what we want is to provide a safe and loving environment for the children here, allowing them to focus on education.

The Dan On Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Mr. Dan On to support children and disadvantaged people to build a better community and society. With this project, Mr. Dan On has pledged 1 billion VND in helping them construct a new dormitory, a new kitchen and cooking area, solar panels to alleviate their electricity cost, and a sewage system to keep the surrounding environment clean and healthy. Beyond that, we have also donated many pieces of furniture such as chairs and desks for the students to study and beds so the nuns and children don’t have to sleep on the floor anymore.

For every human being, childhood is the small moments of being loved by family,and being cared for in the arms of parents, which is what many of these orphans yearn for. But somewhere, there are still hundreds and thousands of orphans who are in dire need of the community and society’s help.

In order to spread love, promote the spirit of mutual support “Good leaves protect torn leaves”.  The Dan On Foundation appeals to the generosity of donors so that orphans living at Mother’s Love Shelter II can have a better life.

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