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Privacy Policy

The purpose and scope of collecting information:

The collection of main data on danonfoods.com includes: email, phone, name, customer address. These are the information that danonfoods.com needs customers to provide when registering for services and let danonfoods.com contact when customers register to use services on the website to ensure the interests of customers.

Customers will be responsible for security and retention of all the campaigns using their services’ name, password, and email boxes. In addition, customers are responsible for timely notifying danonfoods.com on unauthorized use, abuse, confidentiality, name retention, and third party passwords for handling appropriate solutions.

Customer information usage:

Provide services to customers;

Send notifications for exchanges between customers and danonfoods.com

Prevent activities from destroying user accounts, customers, or phishing activities;

Contact and deal with customers in special cases;

Not use customers’ personal information for other goals not related to transactions between danonfoods.com and customers.

In case of request for law: related to non – danonfoods.com transactions shall be responsible for cooperating in the provision of clients’ personal information upon request from the judiciary, including: procuracy, courts, police offices, investigating violations of certain clients. In addition, no one has access to the clients’ personal information.

Archive and edit information:

The customers’ personal data will be stored until the request is cancelled or the customer signs in and deletes it. The rest of the personal information will be classified on the danonfoods.com server.

Customers have the right to check, update, adjust, or cancel their personal information by signing in to their account and editing their personal information or asking danonfoods.com to do it.

Customers have the right to file complaints to danonfoods.com. When receiving these, danonfoods.com will confirm the information, and depending on severity of the complaint, danonfoods.com will take timely and appropriate measures.

Privacy information:

The clients’ personal information on danonfoods.com is pledged to be secured and confidential. The collection and use of each customers’ information shall be conducted only by the consent of such customer except other cases prescribed by law. Danonfoods.com will not use, transfer, provide or disclose to any third party information about customers without consent from the customers.

The management board of danonfoods.com requires individuals to register full information personal information such as: (full name, contact address, email, etc.) and to take responsibility for the legality of the information. Danonfoods.com is not responsible for, as well as solve any complaints related to the customer’s interests if the customer’s personal information provided by the initial registration is inaccurate.

Dan On Foods Corporation also recommends that you secure your password and related information and should not be shared with anyone else.

If you use a shared computer, you should log out, or exit all the open tabs.