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Dan On Foods Corporation commits the general provisions on e-commerce under decree 52 / 2013 /NĐ-CP as follows:

1. To comply with the state’s contents and programs on e-commerce management and development e-commerce.

2. Failing to commit acts of:

2.1 Violations against e-commerce business activities:

a) Organizes the business network, marketing for e-commerce services, where each participant must pay an initial amount to buy services and receive commissions, bonuses or other economic benefits from the movement of other people;

b) Use e-commerce to trade counterfeit goods, goods and services infringing upon intellectual property rights; goods and services on the list of banned goods and services;

c) Takes advantage of the nominal business activities to mobilize illegal capital from other traders, organizations, and individuals;

d) Provides e-commerce services or monitoring services, evaluation, and authentication in e-commerce without registration or has not been licensed under this decree;

e) Provides e-commerce services or monitoring services, authentication in e-commerce inconsistent with information in the registration or licensing dossiers;

f) Has deceitful acts or provides false information when carrying out procedures for announcing electronic commerce website, registering e-commerce service providers, registering or granting licenses for supervision and certification of electronic transactions.

2. 2 Violations against information on the e-commerce website:

a) Counterfeit information on registration or non – compliance with regulations on forms, specifications for publishing information on the website of e-commerce websites;

b) Uses the logo of e-commerce website assessment programs when not recognized by these programs;

c) Uses other paths, logos or technologies on the e-commerce website to confuse the relationship with traders, other organizations, or individuals;
d) Uses the path to provide contradictory or false information compared to the information published in the site with this path.

2. 3 Violations on the transaction on the e-commerce website:

a) Performs customer scams on the e-commerce website;

b) Forges information of the trader, other organizations, and individuals to participate in e-commerce activities;

c) Intervene in the operating system and the internet browser on electronic devices accessing websites to force customers to store the website against their will.

2.4 Other violations:

b) Stealing, using, disclosing, transferring, selling information relating to business secrets of traders, organizations, individuals, or personal information of consumers in e-commerce without the consent of relevant parties unless otherwise provided by law;

b) Forgery or copying of the e-commerce website of the merchant, organization, individual to benefit or cause confusion, causing loss of confidence in customers, organizations, and individuals.