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23 Jan, 2019

On November 25th, 2012, 500 of Dan-D-Pak staff members got to participate in the 16th Terry Fox Run a fundraising charity event to benefit cancer patients and children in particular. By participating in the event, people were honoring Terry Fox for his sacrifice and contribution in the cancer research.

Staff and their family members were excited to get started.

Participants were driven by their passion to help conquer cancer. Dan-D-Pak staff and their family members walked with other inspired individuals.

Everyone was happy and enjoyed themselves, even after a long workweek.

To support the event, Dan-D-Pak set up a booth, offering a variety of cashews at the discounted prices to help raise the funds for such a worthwhile cause. 

Being a global company with offices and manufacturing facilities in 6 countries (Canada, USA, Thailand, China, Vietnam and Taiwan) Dan D Pak takes a pride in giving back to the communities around the world.

After the walk we were all treated to a great food and fun time with our families and friends. We hope to see you at the 17th Terry Fox Run and Binh Quoi Tourist Park in 2013.

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